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Madeira Beach Fundamental, Bauder Elementary, & Seminole Middle.

Students are picked-up from school and taken to the studio for a daily dance class. Snacks & drinks provided. The Registration Fee Includes all Required Class Attire. When students outgrow shoes, etc. replacement items will be added to your account (at cost). Pick-up after their class has ended (or by 5:30pm). All students perform multiple times per year. 
5 Days Per Week (Includes Dance Classes) Monthly Tuition = $345
4 Days Per Week (Includes Dance Classes) Monthly Tuition = $295 (Seminole Middle Only)
Dancers who are in the ASP (after-school program) and also on competitive level teams, do NOT pay additional tuition. Competitive Dancers only pay additional for TEAM COMMITMENTS FEES (which includes Entry Fees, Costumes, etc.) Team Fees are non-refundable and vary, depending on which teams your child is on, if any. Please check pricing/inquire through your dance portal.
If you do not already have an account, please create an account and Register for the After-School Program (not the individual classes), as we will take care of the rest automatically for you.