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After School Dance Program

FREE pick-up from school when

you select our multi-day dance program.

*ALL Employees & Directors have a Level II Background Clearance from the Florida Clearinghouse*

Bauder Elementary

Starkey Elementary

Seminole Elementary

Orange Grove Elementary

Madeira Beach Fundamental


Reserve your space in our van early!

We fill up quickly!

Register for the school your child attends.

(we will automatically add your daily dance classes).

Expressions is a DANCE STUDIO offering dance classes for all ages. If you are looking for an exciting activity, where your child is going to learn and perform dance skills, YOU'VE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE!   For convenience, we do offer after school pick-up for dancers who will be attending classes Monday - Friday.  Students are picked-up from school and taken to the studio for their daily dance class. If your child will not be attending dance class on a particular day, you will need to arrange school pick-up that day. Dancers will perform in The Nutcracker this December! There's also a mid-year performance late January, and a Big Spring Showcase the first week of June! The Registration Fee INCLUDES all Required Start-up Class Attire. There is NO CHARGE for costumes. If students outgrow their dance shoes and dance attire, replacement items will be added to your account. Parents, you must be prepared to pick-up each day when your child's class has ended, as we do not provide child care. See the complete class schedule to see all classes available in your child's age group. You must be committed to participation in performances. Competitive Level dancers will have first priority to re-register for the next school year's After-School Program. Almost all dancers in the after-school program are on Expressions Competitive Company, but ocassionaly a spot will open.
How to Register for our After-School Pick-up:
If you do not already have an account, please create an account and look over the classes available. 

Register for the After-School Pick-up (not the individual classes), as we will take care of the rest automatically for you. 
Frequently asked questions:
Q: Is there time to do homework?
A: No. Dancers are picked-up from school to take dance class.
     Homework cannot be done in place of dance class.

Q. Can I pay weekly?
A. Yes. However, you will be billed for the full month on the first day of the month. As long as you pay at east 25% of the monthly tuition each week, that's fine. If you sign-up for auto-pay, our system will charge the full month's tuition on or about the first of each month. Our system will automatically send you reminders when tuition hasn't been paid by the 5th of the month. Only the afterschool program has the option to pay weekly. Our system will automatically charge a $10 late fee on all accounts not paid by the 5th, even for students who desire to pay weekly. If you have any questions, text 727-409-7533.
Q: What if I am not able to pick-up when class ends?
A: You MUST t
ext 727-409-7533, as we release students at 5PM directly to the waiting area. There is NO SIGN-OUT policy. You must communicate with us PRIOR to the 5PM release time if you will not be there to greet your child. We are not a child care facility, but will assist you if and when an emergency arises. If there is a second class available in your child's age group, your child may take 2 consecutive classes in one day. Otherwise, make arrangements for another family member or friend to pick-up at the end of dance class. 
Q: Can I pay for childcare after my child's dance class ends?
A: No, we are not a childcare facility. We are a dance studio. There is no after-care.

Q: Does it cost less if I provide my own transportation?
A: No. It would actually cost more for the same number of classes if you were not in the school pick-up program, because we INCLUDE the showcase fees for dancers in this program. To simplify things, we include the showcase fees and do not charge for costumes for students in this program.  Families will still need to purchase Tickets for performances. Once your child grows out of their dancewear (or loses items), you will need to replace those items.
Dancers who are also on competitive teams, do NOT pay additional tuition. Competitive Dancers only pay additionally for TEAM COMMITMENTS FEES (entry fees, etc.) To inquire about being on our competitive company, just call or text 727-409-7533 to speak with one of the studio directors.

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