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2023 - 2024 Class Schedule

Only classes with space available and in the dancer's age group will be listed.

2023 Summer

Circus Camp July 17 - 21

Friday Night Open Gym/Studio 6pm-8pm (Ages 10+) $15 @ door

New Classes begins August 7th. Register now to save your class space.

Classes for Ages 2.5 - 4.5

11:00 AM Saturday  Ballet & Tap​


MAKE SURE YOUR D.O.B. is correct, as ONLY classes for your age with space available will be shown. 

Classes are Listed by Day & Time

​10:45 AM Saturday Show Team (must audition)

12:00 PM Saturday Ballet 12S Ages 5-7 (Lt Blue Leotard Required)

12:00 PM Saturday Acrobatics 12S 

3:00 PM  Monday Stretch & Flex (must also enroll in another class)

4:00  PM Monday Ballet 104P Beg. (Lt Pink Leotard Required)

4:00 PM Monday  Ballet 104L Int. (Lavender Leotard Required)

5:00 PM Monday  Little Shakers Lyrical Team Ages 8-11 (must audition)

5:00 PM Monday Dazzlers Lyrical Team Int. Ages 10-15 (must audition)

6:00 PM Monday Ballet 236P Beg - Int. for tweens & teens

6:00 PM Monday Ballet 236B Int. - Adv. for teens

7:00 PM Monday Elite Lyrical Team Adv. Ages 12-18 (must Audition)

3:00 PM Tuesday Turn Tuesday! (must also enroll in another class)

4:00 PM Tuesday  Acrobatics Ages 6-12

4:00 PM Tuesday Little Shakers Acro Team Ages 8-11 (must audition)

5:00 PM Tuesday Dazzlers Hip Hop Team (must audition)

5:00 PM Tuesday Elite Hip Hop Team (must audition)

6:00 PM Tuesday Elite Acro Team (must audition)

7:00 PM Tuesday Hip Hop 237T

6:00 PM Tuesday Hip Hop 126T

7:00 PM Tuesday Hip Hop 237T

3:00 PM Wednesday Work-it Wednesday (must also enroll in another class)

4:00 PM Wednesday Jazz 

4:00 PM Wednesday Little Shakers Jazz Team Ages 8-11 (must audition)

5:00 PM Wednesday Production Team (must audition)

6:00 PM Wednesday Jazz 236W

6:00 PM Wednesday Elite Jazz Team (must audition)

7:00 PM Wednesday Tap 237

3:00 PM Thursday Tap 123H

4:00 PM Thursday Pom 124

4:00 PM Thursday Little Shakers Hip Hop Team Ages 8-11 (must audition)

5:00 PM Thursday Little Shakers Contemporary Team (must audition)

5:00 PM Thursday Dazzlers Contemporary Team

6:00 PM Thursday Contemporary 126H

6:00 PM Thursday Pro-Track (Act/Dance/Model/Sing)

7:00 PM Thursday Contemporary 237H

7:00 PM Thursday Elite Contemporary Team (must audition)

6:00 PM Friday Night Open Gym/Studio (members $10, non-members $15)

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