Expressions Elite Competitive Company is for Elementary through High School Age Dancers 

who are serious about dance, but like to have FUN!

To become part of our Top AWARD-WINNING Competitive Company, dancers must have strong work ethic, excellent class attendance, a positive attitude, and Audition. 


New Company Dancers may Audition to be part of Expressions' Elite Competitive Dance Company any time of the year.   To audition, dancers must first create an account by clicking on the ENROLL button. Then, Call or Text 727-409-7533 to speak with the studio director and schedule an introductory meeting. We are happy to take dancers mid-season and try to add them to existing routines when possible. In any event, new dancers are always welcome to compete with solos, duos, and trios. 

Dancers will be considered for teams to compete in Small or Large Groups, Lines, Productions, Solos, Duets, and/or Trios.

NEW COMPANY DANCERS (New to Expressions Teams) may Audition any time.

RETURNING DANCERS MUST enroll and accept their company placement by July 15th to qualify for the Discounted Company Tuition Rate. 

Dancers in the AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM do NOT pay additional tuition to be on the Competitive Company. The only additional expense would be the Team Fees.

Dancers who are accepted into the Company at any other time of the year, will be eligible to compete with a Solo(s), Duo, or Trio at Regional and National Competitions. These dancers will be considered as "alternates" for groups, lines, and productions, should an opportunity occur. Dancers who do NOT attend the MAY AUDITION and Summer Classes, will NOT be eligible for the Discounted Tuition shown above. Instead, tuition will still be discounted, but as follows:

1 Weekly Class     =  $55/month

2 Weekly Classes =  $105/month

3 Weekly Classes =  $150/month

4 Weekly Classes =  $195/month

5+ Weekly Classes =  $225/month 

Private Lessons are Available for Company Dancers who Audition late @ $35/half hour (or) $50/hour.



In addition to the Required Classwear, Parents are REQUIRED to wear a studio logo shirt all days at competition and whenever attending any studio community events (excluding the holiday show and spring showcase). Please order Parent Shirts and any additional items desired directly from our Team Shop. The online team shop will only be open during the months of SEPTEMBER and JANUARY. All orders placed during that time will be put into production at the end of the month and shipped to the studio.  You will be notified when your items have arrived and are ready for pick-up. If you have any questions, please call or text Ms. Lara @ 727-409-7533   There are also Studio T-Shirts available in the studio store at $15 each.


We like our company dancers to be competitive minded. That attitude helps them reach goals. We do not like it when our company dancers are overly competitive with each other in the studio. Mean behavior will never be tolerated. Additionally, overly-competitive dance moms won't last at Expressions.  Simply put, if you are mean and gossipy.... you won't be allowed to stay.  Our staff is personally vested in the success of each and every one of our students. Dancers need to come prepared to work hard, keep a smile, be respectful in class, and maintain a positive attitude toward learning. Students need to remember to thank their teachers at the end of each class.


Regular class attendance is required in order to remain on the competitive company. Dancers should miss no more than 5 classes during the season. ALL Competitive dancers MUST attend class during the 2 weeks prior to any performance or competition in order to participate. If a dancer misses a company class during the 2 week period before a performance or competition, the routine for that class will be re-blocked without the dancer who is missing. This is to prevent a last minute hardship for a team. Additionally, if a dancer is too sick to even sit and watch class (and take notes), we have reason to believe the dancer will not be well enough or have the strength needed to perform/compete. This is why the two weeks of class is needed for re-blocking the routine(s). It will be the studio directors decision whether a dancer who was sick will be reworked back into a routine for any remaining competitions or performances. If a dancer misses class during the two weeks prior to a performance or competition for any reason other than illness, they will not be included in that class routine for the remainder of the season.


OTHER FEES for Teams/Groups:

Dancers audition to be part of our Competitive Company. The company is broken down into smaller groups "teams" that compete in various styles and divisions. Expressions competes in Jazz, Lyrical, Contemporary, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, and Tap. Each Competitive Routine competes at REGIONAL Competitions in the spring.  Routines that qualify will also compete at Nationals in June or July.

If a dancer is only on a Hip Hop Team, the Hip Hop class for dancer's age group is also required. If the dancer is only on a Jazz Team, a ballet class + the Jazz class for the dancer's age group are also required. If dancer is only on a Tap Team, the Jazz class for the dancer's age group is also required.

Let's say for example that a dancer auditions and makes a Lyrical Team... In addition to the Lyrical Team class, the dancer is required to also take ballet.  If the dancer is selected to compete on a Junior or Senior level team, two ballet classes are required. If the dancer is on a Senior level team, 2 ballet classes, leaps & turns, and stretch & flex classes are required.

In addition to monthly tuition, there is a one time Team Commitment Fee for each team. 

Team Commitment Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. These fees are viewed as your commitment to participation for the entire competition season (through the end of July).  If a dancer leaves a team, or is dismissed for behavioral issues or for not following rules, there is no refund. There will be no exceptions to this policy. There is a $50 deposit required for EACH TEAM BEFORE auditioning. If you don't make a team, a refund will be processed within 24 hours of the audition (credited back to your dance account to be used for recreational classes).

Team Commitment Fees are DUE BY AUGUST 1st. 



Company Dancers Ages 9+ are permitted to compete with a Solo at Regionals (and at Nationals, if qualified). Solo Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE. Dancer may compete with up to 3 solos. However, at no time shall a dancer have more solos than the number of teams the dancer is competing with, nor shall the solos be entered in the same genres. Example: If the dancer is not competing on the Lyrical Team, the dancer may not compete with a lyrical Solo. If the dancer is on Lyrical and Jazz teams, the dancer may have a Lyrical Solo and a Jazz Solo, but not two Jazz Solos.

All costumes are provided at no additional charge.